Money Saving Life Hacks By Students

These money saving life hacks by students should make you laugh…

What is your best money saving hack? Let me know along with a photo and I will add it to the list

These quirky money saving gadgets have saved students a few pound. 

Students have been sharing their money saving, home made, gadgets on and have now been shared thousands of times.

pizza iron Genius way to cook pizza? 

brush Broken wing mirror? Just use a hairbrush with a mirror on the reverse side!

shower No shower head? Simply puncture a pop bottle…

pizza Simply attach a ruler to a tin lid to make yourself a pizza cutter.

chair How on earth could you possibly break your sofa that bad?! But if you do, simply place a chair inside the sofa!

sock Holy sock? Fear not! Simply colour in your toenail to match your sock, obviously!

bin Simply turn a stool upside down and you have yourself a bin!

bbq Why pay for a BBQ when you can build your own?

speakers Who need over priced Beats when you can use juice/milk bottles as speakers?

shower Because shower curtain hooks would set you back 50p, you may as well improvise!

Hopefully you have found some money saving inspiration, or even had a giggle. Remember to send in your money saving hacks and I will give you a mention 🙂

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