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  • Claire - 2nd Jul 17:36pm
    I only ever buy the kids clothes in the sales I buy what they need then buy a size bigger size for when they grow I buy clothes for there holidays I bought t shirts for 1 pound and shorts for 1.50 I buy bigger size sale shoes as well so.they always got bigger shoes when they grow out of them I bought sandles for 2 pound in the sale which just fit now for this summer my tip is to alway buy bigger in the sales it saves money when they grow
  • Iola - 1st Jul 20:57pm
    Whenever I'm buying online I always search for a discount code or for free click and collect. I shop online at least twice a week. And have saved myself a couple of hundred pounds a year doing this. X
  • Nathalie - 1st Jul 17:30pm
    I am always on the hunt for a bargain so print out vouchers as i have subscribed to as many websites as i can i also tend to print several vouchers and if items come on offer and i have a voucher can get them quite cheap the most i have saved was 150 shopping i only payed 98 so so happy between money off coupons and trying coupons I make alot of savings usually at least 20 I have started to get a little pile in my spare room lol but lasts for a while kearnt all this from series extreme couponing hahaha
  • Charlotte - 1st Jul 14:01pm
    I have a coin jar at home. Every time I come home from shopping or being out all day I empty my purse and put any coins under 1 in there. They soon mount up :) x
  • Kirsty - 1st Jul 13:56pm
    My Hoover blew up and I was in desperate need of a new one. Kay and co had one from 229 to 69 was a bargain so my mum and auntie ordered it too, we were advised it was an online error but they would honour it. It's now on sale for 96!
  • Dina - 20th Jun 07:35am Ash's Winner
    my partner is mad on batman so for fathers day i saw some batman cufflinks on the alfred and co website but didnt want to spend 57.99 (now on sale for 23.20) so looked on amazon uk and found same cufflinks for "2.08 with free delivery!! well had to snap them up and i paid nothing for them really as i used gift card what i had won in a competition for them 100% bargain :) x
  • Paula - 12th Jun 16:03pm
    Just been to morrisons garage in Killingworth and bought a bottle of volvox strawberry. Price showed on stand as 1-15 when I took it to the till it was only 57p this is definately a glitch go buy se now before they realise I've bought 4
  • Dianereadman - 17th May 09:31am Ash's Winner
    I joined my local Freecycle site mainly because we had a garage full of bits and pieces that were too good to take to the tip but not the sort of things you could take to a charity shop. I was just amazed at some of the things others were giving away. I've been given garden shrubs, hedge trimmer, as new children's books, games and toys. Furniture, craft supplies, kitchen items, wood and bundles of newspapers for our fire, the list goes on and on!
  • Sarah - 23rd Apr 10:05am
    Buying plain pillow candles for about 1.50 printing an image on to tracing paper by tacking it to normal printing paper and melting image to candle with hair dryer . Perfecf amazing candle for birthdays. Weddings.. anniversarys .. any occasion for less then a 5va.. woyld normaly be between 10 n 20 .. done one for my bridesmaids when i got married n just done one for cousin whos getting married in jy
  • Anne - 23rd Apr 09:24am
    I ordered a bikini from the bhs website in my usual size. It arrived and it didn't fit properly. It was also padded. I hate padded bikinis so checked the website and it didn't state it was padded on there. I phoned them to arrange a refund for the bikini and also to complain about the lack of information on the website and told them I would have never ordered it if it had stated it was padded and they agreed to refund the delivery charge aswell giving me back 3.95 aswell as the refund for the unwanted bikini.
  • Paula - 23rd Apr 08:00am
    To save expensive seamstress fees, shorten a pair of curtains from the top, take off the heading tape and cut to desired length then reattach the header tape, thus saving the original professional hem
  • Ashleigh - 14th Apr 20:50pm
    I only ever buy gifts in the sales or when a store has a clearance. In december 2014/January 2015 i brought all my gifts for 2015 for the people I always buy for, for birthdays and christmas. I then keep a present box for that last minute birthday your invited to or that person who never normally gets you something does. This way I don't have to go out hunting. So I don't forget what I have I write it down and keep in my purse so I can check it whenever I am out and see a bargain. Saved me so much money and makes me look super organised :)
  • Rima - 9th Apr 11:55am Ash's Winner
    Every week I always go onto my online banking and transfer the extra pennies to another account. I.e. If I have 102.30 i will transfer 2.30 to another account and at then end of the year I would have saved about atleast 100 just buy removing a couple of pounds from my account
  • Coral - 9th Apr 07:31am
    I save hundreds of pounds a year thank to this buy! Like a lot of people I was sick of paying a fortune for Sky, even tried threatening to leave to get a discount, but even with that it was still out of my budget. so I bought an Android MX Box that plugs into my tv and connects to my router. I can watch any programme I want and watch any film. Also another money saver, with this android box being connected online and not live streaming/ watched live. If theres no other tvs in the house, no television licence to pay either. saving 's in sky bills and 140 for television licence all for the sake of a 60/70 buy!
  • Shiree - 9th Apr 00:35am
    Sign up to every newsletter you can. I'm with Asda and always find out when the baby event is first. I'm also with boots,morrisons,Heinz,cowandgate!ect saves me pounds! I'm constantly being sent sale emails and money off coupons :)
  • Sharon - 9th Apr 00:32am
    Trying to eat healthy and lose a little weight I have started to buying lots of salad stuff, then came across the live salad leave's tubs which cost 1. I then split the lettuce plants and re pot them normally get about 50 plants at a cost of a lettuce being 50p once these little plants grow you make a "Healthy Saving" !! sorry for the pun x
  • Sharon - 9th Apr 00:32am
    Trying to eat healthy and lose a little weight I have started to buying lots of salad stuff, then came across the live salad leave's tubs which cost 1. I then split the lettuce plants and re pot them normally get about 50 plants at a cost of a lettuce being 50p once these little plants grow you make a "Healthy Saving" !! sorry for the pun x
  • Lizzie - 8th Apr 23:35pm
    instead of buying gift bags, buy plain white carrier bags , then print of a photo of recipient and stick it onto the bag, use a coloured marker pen to write greeting on the bag, kids and adults love them because they are so personal to them x
  • Melanie - 8th Apr 22:58pm
    Kids clothes can be expensive as the seasons change and the trousers get short. A lot of trousers have expanding waist bands so when they are too short they can easily be made into shorts. I'm no seamstress but using some wonder webb you can just cut the trousers and iron them to make a seam. So for a few pennies you've got new clothes.
  • Donna - 8th Apr 22:54pm
    I sign up with all the main supermarkets for home delivery using 15 off (or similar) code for first on line order. After I have used each supermarket once I put items in my basket but do not complete the order. You soon have each supermarket sending you voucher codes for money off, free delivery etc to get you to reuse them. Just keep alternating the supermarkets and you'll never pay full again.
  • Zoe - 8th Apr 22:49pm
    I add what I want to my basket and check back each day as you get an alert on what has changed price in your basket ,last week I got 10 off a frozen doll and this week 20 off perfume! Fab????
  • Terri - 8th Apr 22:45pm
    I always go round all my local supermarkets about an hour before closing times (Morrisons, sainsburys, tescos etc) and look in there reduced sections for my meats even though they go of that day I just freeze them when I get home! Same quality and half the price :)
  • Paula - 8th Apr 22:36pm
    Each month from January I buy 10.00 of store vouchers(my store of choice Waitrose), by Christmas I have 120.00 to spend on my Christmas shop and haven't missed that 10.00 a month but certainly would have missed the 120.00. Also buy other store gift cards at 10.00 a month (cards you top up) and then have 4 x 30.00 presents to give to family. Spreads the cost of Christmas.
  • Bethany - 6th Apr 22:25pm
    I HATE paying for delivery, so what I do, Is if there is (for example) a dress I want for 20 on debanhams/house of fraser/other websites and it's free delivery over 30, I find something to make it up to 10, and then when I get the products I return the random unwanted product back as it's usually free returns with online clothes shopping. I know that it might take a week to have it delivered then returned and refunded but it saves 4 and if you online shop regularly every little helps!
  • Bonnie - 4th Apr 18:27pm
    hey Ashleigh, I have an 18 month old and am always on look out for toys and clarkes shoes for him as he has size 7H feet!! I have joined loads of local facebook selling sites and so far this month I have got him a new pair of clarkes shoes for 5 (36 in shops) and I got him an electric sit in mini, ok its second hand but its in fab condition and it only cost me 25! the facebook sales pages are great I AM ON A 1 bidding site and often get great stuff for a pound, the most important thing about saving money though... is only buy what you need! << shoes and handbags obviously exempt from that lol ...oh and I bought my son a ceramic hob cooker last year for 20 and he baked me a cake for mothers day :) was well chuffed!!
  • Lizzie - 4th Apr 15:47pm
    everytime you get your reward vouchers and money off coupons , after you have spent them pit the equivalent of cash in your money box and at the end of the year you will be amazed at how much you have to treat yourself to something nice !
  • Vikki - 4th Apr 14:25pm
    I have a tassimo machine but find the pods are soooo expensive. What I do now is every time I have a tassimo drink with it at home I put 2 in a pot (same as you would pay in a coffee shop) then when the discs are a on offer anywhere I raid the pot and stock up on all my favourite pods. I then start all over again. I have saved so much doing it this way xx
  • Stephanie - 17th Mar 14:43pm
    I never pay full price either! My steriliser gave up the ghost last Friday (Friday 13th huh?) and as my daughter is 12 weeks old, I needed one that day. I went to a shopping centre as I don't drive and a friend took me and my two children. I managed to use Mothercare's price match and got the steriliser for 24.99 as it was on offer in Tesco instead of 49.99. That was a 50% saving! It was even better as my local Tesco wouldn't have had any in stock!
  • Sharon - 14th Mar 00:20am
    Fantastic bargains at Matalan they have reduced ladies long length leather boots from 50 to 12, also various shoes etc are reduced very good savings too on clothes
  • Dina - 5th Mar 08:34am Ash's Winner
    i sign up to every store card for extra savings and use them vouchers savings christmas time. i get to know where all sale sections are in the shops and get to know the staff marking items down as they would be willing to reduce some items well some staff sometimes do. make items to sell use as pressies etc and shop out of season as in winter clothes in spring nd summer etc
  • Sharon - 27th Feb 23:30pm
    Pick up a tasty rewards card on your next visit to a Table Table restaurant you get 250 free points once activated and each time you pay for your meal you collect points if you give the waiter/waitress your tasty rewards card. Also you can add birthdays of members of you family and you will get a free desert voucher via email for that person on their birthday, Also on your birthday you get a free meal. You also get a lot of bogof vouchers emailed to you. Once you have 500 points you can exchange them for a voucher for either 2xfree kids meals, 2 x free deserts, 5 off, or yes 2 x gourmet burger meals !! the double stack steak burger which is huge!! with fries or any 2 gourmet burger meals. Also in November if you eat twice at any of there restaurant they gave 1000 points for free. We did this and it equates to 4 free gourmet meals amazing!! each burger meal is approx 9.99 so its a saving of 20 when using 500 points.
  • Sharon - 26th Feb 23:24pm
    Ideal for holidays, some amazing bargains to be had in the clearance section- I got my two little girls pool sandles for 99p a pair and myself some for 1.29, Also got a 2 x mens Slazenger shorts for 1.99 each, A Slazenger swimming costume size 14 for 4.99, A disney princess all in one shorts hoodie for 3.99 and opted to pick up in store and got a 5 voucher for click and collecting
  • Mrs - 20th Feb 09:05am
    I have three children aged six and under so clothing can be expensive especially since my eldest is very slim build so supermarket clothes don't fit him. I have just purchased him Lee cooper jeans for 7.50, a firetrap tshirt for 2.99 and a firetrap hooded zipped jacket for 6.50 which would of cost around 60 full price which is well out of my price range. The clearance section is fantastic you might get a fantastic deal just in the right size. I managed to get my daughter a hello kitty dress for 3.50 only available in her size. I go on the website every few weeks to help bulk up the children's clothes.
  • Jean - 8th Feb 09:07am
    Every year on the 1st January I get my 1 tin can money box and start to save 2 coins, then in the 1st week in December I use my can opener to open it and and the contents are surprising 2013 I had 416,in 2014 I had 410. I also save all my Tesco vouchers for December, my Sainsbury's rewards and this year I have started Topcashback. So that is Christmas sorted.
  • Pam - 4th Feb 16:25pm Ash's Winner
    After seeing a recent TV programme, I went through my freezer and cupboards and made a list of all I had. Armed with that, I made a monthly menu plan and have spent under 50 (for 5 of us) for the next month and we get to run down the cupboards and freezer quite a bit too. No more cries of "I haven't got anything in"!
  • Denise - 29th Jan 19:53pm
    Just bought a 15kg bag of James Wellbeloved dog food should retail at 39 (they are also giving away 10 pouches of dog food) & if you use the code BACK15 when you spend 39 or over you get 15 off (only valid till 31st Jan) so my dog food with 10 free pouches & free delivery cost 24.00....great saving.
  • Kelly - 24th Jan 18:14pm
    Thankyou to the tips on here, I bought in my local tesco a dolce gusto coffee machine, a vtech kidszoom camera and hudle cover for 62 instead of 165
  • Claire - 21st Jan 12:15pm
    After seeing your posts this week I have been on New Look and purchased two pairs of boots, one at 7 with a saving of 20 and another pair at 10 with a saving of 9.99. Thanks again Ashleigh!
  • Paula - 15th Jan 20:36pm Ash's Winner
    Don't know if people realise that if you download the morrisons app to your phone you can keep an eye out for daily bargains and you can change your settings to save all of your vouchers until you request them. I've given my son a key fob so he is adding points I've 10 already saved with using it for shopping and petrol. Hoping by Xmas might have about 100 in vouchers saved.
  • [email protected] - 1st Jan 17:32pm
    I do lots of product tests and surveys. The best sights I have found are and This year I redeemed 60 in supermarket vouchers towards the Christmas shop. I also got some freebies from doing product tests and reviews.
  • Laura - 22nd Dec 16:28pm
    I had never heard of lightening deals on Amazon until you shared it on Facebook I managed to get most of the Christmas presents I needed to buy keeping a close eye on the deals each day and I also used the 30 day trial for Amazon prime which saved the cost of p&p for every item and also gave me free next day delivery which was really handy for last minute gifts
  • Sue - 22nd Dec 14:55pm
    Hi Ashleigh, This is more about saving money in different places. Each year I start to save money / points in different places by doing regular shopping (like Tesco or Sainsburys) or completing surveys online to earn some extra gift vouchers. This year I have managed to earn 30 in Sainsburys vouchers through Valued Opinions, and had a payout from Viewsbank for 7 into my paypal account, which I used for second hand clothes bundles for my little girl. By saving money this way I have spent no more than 20 cash a t Christmas time, it's all been paid for by 'free' money! :-)
  • Kimberley - 22nd Dec 14:39pm
    I managed to get my son's main christmas prezzie free thanx to saving my club card vouchers at tesco and using the boost plus i got free click and collect as picked up in store saving myself 38.00, cant wait to see his face as its the only thing he asked for and the only thing he put in his letter to santa.
  • Brooklyn - 22nd Dec 14:38pm Ash's Winner
    I have given everyone in my family,who doesn't collect tesco clubcard points a key fob. Last year we had 3 family days out for free! 90+ paradise wildlife park for 4adults 2children. Southend adventure island for 2adults and 2children. Approx 50 Willows farm Christmas Day out for 2adults and 2children. Approx 40. I got the days out vouchers from Tesco when they had a boost offer where 2 clubcard would convert to 10 days out voucher. In total I converted 32 and had completely enjoyable FREE days out. I also collected the sun tokens for a day out to legoland which had 3adults and 2children. In total it was the price of I think 9papers, 2envelops and 2 stamps! Well worth it! Feels great having amazing family days out which has in my eyes not cost me much atall!!! Really made 2014 a great year making lots of happy memories. X
  • Cally - 22nd Dec 14:36pm
    Last year wilkinsons dropped there christmas trees down to 25p so I brought as many as I cud plus my tree with built in lights For 50p I have in my livingroom this year I sold all others for 10pound and it paid for half my kids christmas this year wilkinsons do this every year its 1 tree per person so I got loads family to help buy one for me put them in my dads garage but it helped me a lot this year
  • Ellie - 22nd Dec 14:34pm
    I purchased a tablet for my husband, and after receiving it realised that included in the price was `optional` screen cover for 30 pounds witch I hadn't selected or been informed about. I sent asda an email and was told its automatically added to the purchase and you have to request it to be removed. So I did and got my 30 pound back! So it turned out the tablet was 30 pound cheaper than I thought
  • Stacy - 22nd Dec 14:30pm
    my best and what will be the most rewarding money saver from you has got to be my 4p ariel doll.. After seeing it on here I rushed to my local tesco.. None.. Asked friends and family across the country.. None.. Was desperate for one for my little girl.. Checking my local tesco for weeks on end.. Went into tesco not even looking for it anymore and there was one I thought was the one.. As I reached out another lady wa bout to get it.. I got it.. Wahooo.. Couldn't believe it'.. My lil girls birthday on the 28th december and her face will be priceless.. Thanks Ashleigh x
  • Sarah - 22nd Dec 14:25pm
    A lot of stores reduce their fresh food that has to be sold that day maybe an hour or two before they close for the day ,or if its 24 hours they usually do this at around 8 pm a lot of it can be frozen or may keep for a few days after that date
  • Susan - 22nd Dec 14:24pm
    I bought my daughter a set of Lee Stafford crimpers/straighteners for Christmas. They were 39.99 originally and then reduced to 19.99 in the sale. My other half was buying his wedding ring at the same time & got a 10 voucher which I used as well so they cost me just 9.99. Just one of my Christmas bargains.x.

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