Money Saving Testimonials

Without my followers none of this would be possible, so I have dedicated this money saving testimonials page to the kind words sent in from people all across the UK.

If you’d like to contact me and let me know how much money you’ve saved, or how much of a difference my page has made to your life, send an email over on this page. Thanks! Ash x


Love and support from my hundreds of thousands of followers…

Got your message about the UGG sale and ordered boots for my wife at 50% off. Ordered yesterday and paid for the next day delivery and received this morning at 0825. Great deal and great service. Thanks for the heads up Ashleigh.

My order went through ok ordered other stuff as well and got £118 of shopping for £48 thanks 🙂

Thanks for the tips, I’ve just received a large parcel of goodies all half price !

You are doing a fantastic job , been a mammy to 🙂 well done you 

Thanks for so many savings x

I think your doing a fantastic job, your an amazing inspiring woman. I have had some fab bargains thanks to you! Some people don’t have the time to browse through all websites and find it all, but you’re so dedicated to it. I think you should be paid 🙂 well done x

Im bedridden and I’ve really enjoyed this page as I’ve Got loads of deals and xmas presents. Thank you x

Hello I know like all of us you too must be very busy this time of year. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU. My friend Sophie invited me to your page and I’m so grateful for all the hard work you do finding bargains for everyone. You have not only gotten me some great bargains, you’ve made me think about how I spend money and also look for deals and ways of saving. Last year this time my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour so as I have to give up work to look after her I was dreading Christmas expenses, however you’ve made it so easy for me. You’ve done all the hard work looking, saving me not just money but precious time with my family. I’m so sorry for rambling but I really want you to know what a difference you make to my family’s life this Christmas. God bless you and your family and may you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year xxx 

I think your facebook page and website are excellent I have only recently joined your page and have already saved loads was going to get my kids xmas from argos but thanks to your site waited until the 3 for2 if it wasn’t for that would of gotten them earlier and lost out 🙂 Keep up the good work 🙂 

I think ur website and fb is absolutely brilliant I don’t really comment on ur posts however I ALWAYS read them they always grab my attention and thank u for all ur hard work I for one appreciate it!

Brilliant page you have saved me hundreds of pounds,keep up the good work.x

Your page is fantastic, I’ve got loads of bargains and Christmas presents, I love it thanks x

Brilliant website and Facebook page. I’m very grateful for your time and things that you post, without the website and Facebook page I wouldn’t have saved or gotten freebies. Thank you

I have found this website so helpful, my partner has been off work this year due to illness and I was worried about Xmas on just my wage but I have been gradually buying from ur tips and I’m half way there! Thank you

Well done Ashleigh you’ve saved me loads and I’ve never usually got Christmas pressiea this early. Keep doing a great job xx

Hi ashleigh, I have considerably less money for Christmas this year and since I have found your page I have placed mt first online order, for some jewellery from amazon. I check your posts daily and have told so many others about it so they don’t miss any bargains! At a time when so many of us are struggling, your page is a godsend! I appreciate that you trawl the internet for goodies to share, well done and please continue! ! Thanks!

Your doing an amazing job I’m disabled so I do most of my shoppin online you have saved me so much thankyou and keep up the good work x

My favourite was the tesco discount £60 with £12 off! I genuinely saved money when I was spending anyway. Most of the other vouchers only save me money of i had wanted or planned to buy that item anyway so keep the good related ones coming!! Thank you.

Just love your website I’ve bought and got loads of stuff you put some great offers and deals on your just fab I look forward to seeing what offers are on every day xx

I absolutely love you! 3 kids, im all done for xmas, includingtotoys r us! Had a good few freebie for myself which iv loved as never treat myself! Down side:- im skint now ha ha x

Always checking out your fb page, had some fab offers. Keep up the good work and saving us money xx

I think its fantastic the offers you present, having three kids can make christmas expensive, but not this year and they will prob end up with more! Keep up the good work x

I’ve been with you from the start and the 1st glitch I did was the amazing dominoes 75% off code and have gotten all kinds threw your page now, you do an amazing job and thank you so much for all your hard work :0)

I think the page is great! I’ve seen lots of thing such as discount priced toys that I’ve bought my child for Chrsitmas, vouchers in news papers I would never have know were there and also tagged friend in your post I think they or their children would like.

I think your facebook page and site is absolutly fab, im a self confessed bargain hunter so this to me is like a rag to a bulls horn lol, youve saved me hours trawling the internet to find bargains myself and i now get my daily fix through you so thankyou 🙂 only negetive is that my bank account has took an absolute battering the last few months and i need rehab due to being addicted to your site and page !! :/ keep up the great work 🙂 

I love your page, i have had so many freebies & almost finished my Christmas shopping at half the price!! Thank you!! 

Think you’re doing a fantastic job, well done and thank you x x

Absolutely love your page have shared it with all my friends who love it too!

Loving it exciting to see what you have for us on a daily basis,keep up the good work x

I luv ur page ive followed u since u started , luved tesco shop & all other bargains ive bought,ive saved hundreds £s , big thank u ,chrimbo wil b alot easier this yr with all ur help xx well done Ashleigh & many thanks again 🙂

Fabulous ! I have had so many bargains and helped other friends find lots of bargains from your site : especially lots of new mothers-to-be. Really appreciate all you do. Thank You very, very much. Caroline & family & friends & friends of friends and pets and ………. 😀

Love the page. Good as a working mum on a budget to find the deals.

I absolutely love your page. Your doing a great job 🙂 Thanks so much 

Good mix of offers and discounts 

I think your posts are fab, im a full time working mum of 4 soon to be 5 and ive saved a fortune by beibg on your page and as you can imagine every penny counts especially this xmas when ill be on maternity leave thank you so much for the deals you post

This is an amazing page. I’m so glad I found it. You’ve helped me save loads.

Love it .have told a lot of people about your page ,also visit loads of time daily . saved load’s thanks to you .

I just love a bargain! You are a STAR! I have now started my crimbo bits n bobs at some fab prices thanks to you! Thee best forum…so easy to rummage through and if I ever see a deal I wouldn’t hesitate to let you know (would like to give something back)

I think u do a great job.your page help people who are now able to buy things they want at a price they can afford. Am 62 and for the first time ever a have nearly all my Xmas shopping in.thank you and good wishes

This page is amazing, I’m so glad I came across it and I rave about it to everyone, although now they see the same as I do they see I’ve bought their presents at a bargain lol. Thanks for all that you do and good luck with the future of this amazing page! Your page is one of the main reasons I won’t leave FB (although info follow you on twitter too!)

I love your page. It’s saved me so much money, and being a single parent with kids age 9 and 16 any saving is a godsend. Thank you so much for taking up your time to help all of us out there save money, your a star. X

Your Facebook page and now your website are both places I check on a regular basis I have recommended you to all my family and Friends and think what you do is fantastic.

I love your page which was recommended to me by my daughter. Only one thing, you have too many great bargains and I am spending too much money! I now have to restrict myself!! 🙂

I absolutely love your website and Facebook page and this month has been great. Nearly finished for Xmas and even started on next years birthdays 🙂 never this organised lol Keep up the good work ash.., you work wonders and what a great job you now have 🙂 Good luck in the future but I’m pretty sure your not going to need it xx

This is the best page ever, saved a bit of money through it. I love a good bargain and this is the page to find them, keep up the good work xx

Loving the page, keep up the good work x 

I Absolutley love your website/Facebook page!!your doing an amazing thing and finding many people struggling in this economy to still be able to get all the things my kids want for Christmas I have saved sooooo much money through your site Thanks again

love love love your page , you do brilliant with all posts .. your an amazing lady 🙂

Your an absolute godsend! Look fwd to seeing your new posts each day. I’ve learnt & saved a lot from your website/fb page and think you’re doing a fantastic job! Well done 🙂

So happy I found this page, so very helpful. It has helped me save so much money!

Just brilliant!!!!!!!!!

Every morning I look forward to seeing what you put on. If I am out I can’t wait to log on to see what bargains you have found. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated. X

I’ve loved this page from day one. Thank you so much for all your time and effort spent saving everyone money. Good luck Ash and a massive THANK YOU xx

I am so glad I found this page and have enjoyed seeing it grow! The girl who runs this seems like a really genuine and lovely person which makes me engage in what this page is all about. People buy people first and this is one of those examples! Imagine Ashleigh could negotiate deals and offers exclusive to page members (likers!) That would be fab!! I don’t have a lot of money and I love a bargain and value for money.. This page ticks all the right boxes for me and I can’t wait for updates every day 😉

Your page is soooo addictive love it. Your Facebook page is easy to use and always find many offers on there.

I love it

Your costing me a fortune as every baby deal you post i pretty much buy every one! Haha all at a bargain price! Thank you. Keep up your fab work xx 

Its amazing visit it everyday! you really are helping people i have already done half my crimbo shop for so much less money thank you an keep up the hard work 🙂 

Awesome info for real life families – hope you keep the content as is, that’s what makes your page original!


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