Morrisons Is Selling A Royal Wedding Cake The Same Flavour As Harry & Meghan’s!

If you have a party planned to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or are getting married yourself soon and love the royals, you might be interested in this release from Morrisons!

The supermarket is now selling a cake based on Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding cake, and you can pick it up for just £7!

That’s a complete bargain compared to what the married couple’s will cost!

Though the real wedding cake is super expensive and made by famous London pastry chef Claire Ptak, it is surprisingly made up of just three flavours, those being lemon, elderflower, and flowers.


The much more affordable cake from Morrisons uses the same flavours that are used in the royals’ cake, and is topped with whipped cream, white chocolate curls, and pink rose petals.

The cakes are made and finished in-store so they’re super fresh too. We feel like royalty already!

Though most of us unfortunately are still waiting for our invite to the wedding, thanks to Morrisons, we will get to be there in spirit as we enjoy very own Harry Meghan wedding cake.

It’s sure to go down well with your party guests too!

Images: Morrisons
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