Mother finds shards of metal in Pampers nappy!

Mother finds shards of metal in Pampers nappy!

This story is absolutely terrible!

Imagine the absolute shock when 29-year-old Michelle Yates found ‘razor sharp’ pieces of metal in her baby daughter’s nappy!

It sounds unbelievable, but Michelle and her husband Lee had to rush baby Gabriella to hospital after fearing she may have been harmed by the metal.

According to the Mail Online, Gabriella was born premature and suffered from a low immune system. Worried parents Michelle and Lee were concerned that their precious baby would contract an infection from the metal.

The worst part is, after closer inspection, Michelle then found shards of sharp metal in other nappies in the packet so this wasn’t a one off! 

Husband Lee told Cavendish Press: “We were absolutely outraged and shocked that this had happened. You put trust in these big companies, especially when dealing with intimate hygienic areas and you expect things like this to be checked and go through quality control.

“What makes matters worse is that my daughter was born five weeks premature and has a low immune system, so having a dirty piece of metal scratching at her bottom could have given her septicemia.”

A spokesman for Pampers said: “We are very sorry to hear about this family’s experience and we are taking this matter very seriously.

“While we cannot comment on this case as it is being investigated, we are working with the parents to make sure the baby is well and to fully understand what has happened.

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