Mother Warned For Letting Daughter Play Outside

A mother has been warned for letting her daughter play outside

Is this over the top or do the social services have a point?

The five year old girl had been playing outside their semi in a quiet cul-de-sac with her 10 year old brother Calvin, as mum Kate watched through a front-facing window.

Kate was stunned when she got a visit from a social worker who had received a complaint from a neighbour who has been branded ”a busybody with nothing better to do”

Kate said: “I believe that children should be outside getting exercise in the fresh air. which I thought the Government was trying to encourage. Mya is never on her own but the social worker told me she must be supervised at all times — and that Calvin is too young to be responsible for her.  She adores playing outside and would hate to be cooped up in the house.”

Kate claimed to have been visited by social services several times following an initial incident in which Mya was seen riding a bike on a green opposite the house.

She added angrily: “I am sick of people telling me how to bring up my kids but it seems everyone these days wants to stick their noses in.”

Is Kate right, there are too many people sticking their noses in now? Or is the social worker right, Calvin is too young to supervise Mya?

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  1. I completely understand the mums point of view with her kids wanting to be outside, however, it isn’t like it used to be anymore, There are some sick people out there, and while I want my kids to have a stress free relaxed childhood, I still would not let my twn yr old supervise my 5 yr old. I have problems letting my 17 yr old supervising my 5 yr old! I have four kids and have let them all play outside, but there is nothing more important to me than their safety, so I always went outside too to watch over them. It takes two seconds for someone to grab your child, it takes two seconds for your child to make a bad judgement and run into the road after a ball or whatever, so why not sit outside too with your kids and take a time out to watch them play. Why run the risk? x

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