Motoring laws we never realised we were breaking!

Motoring laws we never realised we were breaking!

If you thought you were living your life on the right side of the law then think again! If you drive a car then the chances are you’ve broken some of these laws on more than one occasion. Most likely because you weren’t even aware they existed …. until now.

How many of these driving laws were you aware of?

Driving with snow on the roof

This is a fairly new one, but if you have snow on your roof and you’re seen to be driving around with it there, then you could be in serious trouble. This is a serious safety hazard and if the snow slides off the roof and into the path of other motorists. This could cause a serious accident so It’s best to double check before you drive off in bad weather conditions.

Splashing pedestrians with puddles

Have you ever had to endure a long walk home on a rainy day? The only thing that could make that experience worse is some driver thinking they are clever by splashing you with a big puddle. Well you’ll be pleased to know that this act is in fact illegal. Driver’s who are caught doing it could be handed a fixed penalty notice and could even end up in court.

Hogging the middle or outside lane

It is officially an offence to hog the outside or middle lane on a motorway. Now I know lots of you will be guilty of this but not so many of you will be aware that there is actually a £100 on the spot fine for anybody caught doing it.

Leaving your engine running

Have you ever left your car running while nipping into the shop? Or maybe left it running while you let the windows defrost? This is another big no no. It is actually against the law for a driver to leave their vehicle whilst the engine is running. If you are found to not be in your vehicle when the engine is running, you could face a hefty fine.

Texting while your car’s stationary

This could be a more obvious one, although I often see plenty of people doing it. It’s illegal to text even if you’re sat stationary in your car.

CLICK HERE to read four big laws that have been introduced this year.

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