Motorola MBP16 Audio Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP16 Audio Baby Monitor

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As a new Daddy to 7 week old twin girls Ashleigh came straight to me to see if i would have a go with the new Motorola baby monitor and the Babysense 5 baby Breathing Monitor, and as these must be the only baby gadgets we haven’t tried yet I was more than happy to take them home!

So, after one night here’s what really stood out for us:

The Motorola MBP16 Audio Baby Monitor

The monitor is very easy to setup, almost plugin & play so i didn’t need to rely on a techie background to get the thing working. The microphone is really sensitive, picking up even the quietest of sounds which really helped us get a good sleep (we’re probably not the only new parents who normally sleep with one eye open – listening out constantly just to make sure the babies are ok).

I loved that it has a temperature reading, night light and lullaby player built into it, we were currently using 3 separate devices (temperature monitor, nightlight and music player) so having it in one unit is really handy. Even better, the light can be controlled from the parent unit so no need to disturb the cot every time I wanted to switch it on and off, though it is a little disappointing that the music can’t be controlled in the same way.

It has built-in alerts if the battery is low, temperature gets too high/low or if the parent unit goes out of range, so again it feels like we had more peace of mind last night knowing that if anything was wrong we’d be woken by the monitor.

Overall i think the Motorola MBP16 packs in a lot of features for the price point, I would highly recommend this product to parents looking for a reasonably priced baby monitor.


Babysense 5 Baby Breathing Monitor

I was surprised how easy this was to setup, after putting the monitors in place there wasn’t much else to do but press a single button to set it. Getting babies to bed can be hard on it’s own so not having to worry about setting up monitors is great. After setting down baby just press the button and forget about it.

The unit comes with 2 monitor pads, as I have twins this is very handy, the coverage of two babies sharing a cot is much greater than if it were one baby, no need to splash out on a second or more expensive unit. (I’m not sure whether it’s originally designed to work with twins but it does!).

All parts of the unit (wires etc..) are nicely hidden out of sight so there is no worry of the baby grabbing onto something they shouldn’t be and as I tend wake up several times a night and always check on the babies to make sure they’re still breathing, I can already see this unit becoming invaluable as I can now sleep with peace of mind.

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