YUM! Mr Kipling Has Released Multi-Coloured Unicorn Cakes

Unicorn lovers, Mr Kipling has a treat up his sleeve for you…

The unicorn craze is far from over – Mr Kipling has announced they’re releasing Unicorn Slices!

Although the product name may sound sinister, don’t fear, they are actually just slices of cake. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this sweet treat.

The vanilla flavoured cakes are similar to the brand’s famous Angel Slices, but have purple icing and a yellow unicorn horn swirl.

Right now, the Unicorn Slices are only available at Asda and retail at £1 for a 6 pack.

The cakes will be coming to other supermarkets soon, but they’re only available at Asda at the moment.

Shop Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices.

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