How much should you spend on wedding gifts?

How much should you spend on wedding gifts?

Should there be a limit and how much is not enough?

You may have seen the article I posted recently about a woman who gave a bride and groom a cheque worth £100 for their wedding, the couple then got intouch and said they didn’t think it was generous enough and gave them the chance to increase the value.

This has promoted discussion on how much is too to spend on wedding gifts and is there such thing as being tight when it comes to wedding gifts?

In my personal opinion I wouldn’t mind if you arrived at my wedding with no gift, I would just be grateful to share the day with family and friends but I know everyone is different.

I have bought wedding gifts in the past and I will be honest and say I haven’t spent more than £30. I have 3 children and my money tends to go on new uniform after they have chewed holes in their sleeves or got holes in their knees after doing skids, dance and swimming classes and I have a teenager who has to have designer brands – so there isn’t much money left over for wedding gifts!

The Sun newspaper posted this helpful guide on wedding gift buying and indication how much you should roughly spend.

How much should you spend on wedding gifts?

However, because we all like to save money I have came across a few websites which do some amazing wedding gifts for a fraction of the cost you’d expect to pay.

I find personalised gifts are perfect for weddings because they have more sentimental value than any other gift.

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What do you think about wedding budgets?

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