Shopper Finds Muller Light Yogurt In Aldi Brooklea Multipack

One shopper found a name-brand surprise in her Aldi own-brand yogurt 4 pack!

Aldi have confirmed that their own-brand yogurts are in fact made by Muller.

Image: The Sun

Clare Pennell told The Sun: ” “I didn’t notice it straight away.

“It was only when I went to take one out of the fridge a couple of days later and wondered where the Müller yogurt came from because I haven’t bought any for months.”

Muller have confirmed that they do actually make the yogurts for Aldi, however they have a different recipe to the big-brand product.

Both kinds of yogurt are made in the same factory, so it’s unsure how the packaging mix-up happened.

Ever had a mix-up like this happen with your weekly shop? Let us know!

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