Mum barred from school over uniform row!

Mum barred from school over uniform row!

A 26-year-old mother has been barred from her children’s school after a disagreement regarding her daughters’ uniforms.

Tara Fifield sends her two daughters to Primary school in Kent wearing cotton cycling-shorts.

Last week her seven-year-old daughter Samantha was told by staff at the school to remove the shorts, and Miss Fifield is no longer welcome after the argument that ensued.

Chairman of governors, Debbie Wadhams, said there had been a recent uniform policy change at the school and girls had the option to wear either culottes or trousers instead of a skirt.

Miss Fifield said: ‘How did they know Samantha had the shorts on? They are really small and are beneath her skirt.

“I was asking why they had undressed her at school and why she couldn’t wear them.

“My daughter is a real girly-girl and even though I have brought her school trousers to wear, she doesn’t want to look like a boy. She does not want to wear the trousers.”

The Sun reported: ‘The school introduced the new policy to address hygiene issues because some pupils were wearing shorts under their skirts during the summer.

Miss Fifield said: “I just try to do the best for my children and, as Samantha is always doing handstands and the like, I don’t want people seeing her knickers. There are no hygiene issues with any of my children as they have a bath every night. I am now thinking of taking both girls out of the school and sending them to another where they can wear shorts under their skirts.’

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