Mum demands babies should be BANNED from planes.

Mum demands babies should be BANNED from planes.

I can understand why people get stressed on flights when they are sat in front of children who can’t settle or constantly feel the need to kick the back of the chair whilst you’re trying to relax. But would banning babies from flights altogether be a bit too extreme? Well Kelly Rose Bradford doesn’t seem to think so as she says that parents are selfish for taking young children on flights.

Kelly believes that airlines should segregate families from child free adults to make flights better for everyone or put on separate planes for families all together.

Speaking on This Morning she says: ‘Your holiday starts from the moment you sit on the plane. You let out that sigh of relief, you’ve left work behind, left all the stresses behind and you take off and all of a sudden you get the kicking at the back of your seat or you get the wailing.’

Kelly went on to say in the interview: ‘The reason I think it is slightly selfish is that when you’ve got a child who is like 1-3-years-old, they couldn’t really care less whether they’re going to Brighton or Barbados on holiday. It’s the parents who choose to take them on these long flights.”

Lots of people seem to be split on this debate with many people on social media agreeing with Kelley that they shouldn’t have to put up with noisy children at the beginning of their holidays, whereas on the other hand, parents are arguing that children need the experience to help them learn.

What do you think about this topic?

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  1. A lot of my family are in the states, and the eldest in my family aren’t able to fly to me, and why should my kiddies miss out on new experiences just because of some whinging woman! I think she is being extremely daft. My older three were always great on the plane, it was my youngest who actually had colic who screamed for three hours of the 10 hour journey! Luckily, I didn’t meet anyone like the Whinger, I met some lovely folk who actually offered to hold my baby for me while I sorted my other children. I apologised profusely, and was told that holidays are for everyone, and if my little one wanted to cry, anyone who couldn’t deal with it should shut up and put up, and this really put me at ease on a journey that would have been so horrid if there had been a woman like the Whinger sat nearby! I would rather be kicked by a kid in the back of my chair than have to listen to the Katie Price wannabe who seems to think the World should bow down to her wants and demands! 😉 xxx

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