Mum launches day to ‘normalise breastfeeding’

Mum launches day to ‘normalise breastfeeding’

A Mother has started an online campaign to ‘normalise’ breastfeeding as it seems to of had quite a lot of negative press lately.

The mother of three created an ‘official’ day to support breastfeeding mothers and to make the practice more widely accepted.

Vanessa Simmons has even sent a request to her mayor asking if her hometown in America can establish the holiday.

Vanessa told the Huffington Post: ‘This day is about mothers committing to nourish their children with breast milk — whether nursing, pumping, [or] donor milk — and the public committing to supporting them whenever, no matter how long they choose to breastfeed. My vision is to remove the taboo of public breastfeeding from modern society.’

Eventhough medical professionals actively encourage women to breastfeed their children, people still find the subject uncomfortable, and mothers images of their babies being breastfed are constantly being removed from social media which has caused outraged amongst lots of women.

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