My one big secret for dramatically cutting food costs down!

My one big secret for dramatically cutting food costs down!

Basically guys I’ve worked out that if you’re extremely clever with your freezer like me, then you could save up to £400 a year on your food bill!

It is estimated that we throw away £700 worth of food a year, and one of the biggest factors that contributes to our waste, is food going out of date or us buying more than what we can use. Both of these issues can be resolved by switching to frozen food!

First things first, you’ll need to find out what’s actually in your freezer. When I finally decided to sort my freezer out, to say I was shocked at the amount of forgotten goods that were actually hiding in there is an understatement! And if you’re anything like me then I’m sure you will be too!

That’s when I realised, I could probably skip a whole big shop that week and STILL have too much freezer food to feed the whole family. So that’s what I did.

Tesco shop

To buy all of your basic groceries fresh would cost you around £24, however buying them frozen would cost only around £15, which proves we are spending more than necessary!

Unless you know exactly what you have in, your in danger of over buying, so be sure to keep an eye what you have in there. 16 Richmond Irish Recipe Pork Sausages are just £2.69 at ASDA whereas fresh ones will cost you £4! So it’s not just a case of your food lasting you longer meaning you don’t have to splash out as often, but also a case of frozen food being much cheaper in price!

So I suggest that if you can buy it in frozen form, then do it! It’s no secret that buying in bulk can also make for big savings, and when it comes to frozen food, I no longer have to panic about using everything up before its sell by date!

To maximise your frozen savings even more, try taking your shopping list to the frozen aisle, head there before the fresh section to see if you can buy the items there instead of fresh, and just admire the price difference while you are there!

So if you want to start chopping your food costs in half like I did, embrace the frozen goods!

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