Names Of Top Husband And Wives

Ever wondered who would make the best husband or wife?

It could all be in the name! have spoke to 2000 adults to find out the top 10 husband and wife names.

Not sure if I believe this as my name doesn’t appear in the top 10 wives names and I like to think I’m a pretty good wife! haha 

Top 10 wives names:

  1. Katie
  2. Sophie
  3. Louise
  4. Sarah
  5. Emily
  6. Charlotte
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Amy
  9. Jessica
  10. Lucy

Top 10 husband names are:

  1. David
  2. Andrew
  3. Daniel
  4. Paul
  5. John
  6. William
  7. Simon
  8. James
  9. Chris
  10. Stephen

Did you or your partner appear in the list?

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