National Express Review

Ever fancied a day trip with National Express?

With National Express you can travel to many destinations in and around Europe.

You may remember a few weeks ago I posted a guide on day trips in the UK that wouldn’t break the bank? If not, you can see it here…

When I travel, I usually take the car if my husband is traveling with us, if not, I would get the train.

My Mam, my brother and I decided to have a long weekend in Birmingham. We set about looking at transport to get there. As my husband wasn’t coming along, we priced trains. The total price for all 3 of us was coming out quite pricey so I decided to look into coach travel. 

After looking at a few different coach companies, I decided on National Express because the prices were good, the coaches came with leather seats, plug sockets and air con – they seemed quite luxurious!

When the day of our journey began, I was pleasantly surprised. The coach was even nicer than I expected. 

We hadn’t reserved a seat so we could choose where to sit when we got on the coach. There were plenty of seats available and very few were reserved, they were also very comfortable which I was surprised about to be honest as you usually get pretty cramped on transport like this.

bus travelOur coach to take us to Birmingham.

bus travel1Leather seating throughout the bus. The seats are very comfortable and spacious with air con directly above you.

bus travel 3You can go on the National Express website on your mobile phone whilst on the journey to track your coach. It tells you the expected arrival and departure time of the coach to all other stations and allows you to to see when the bus will be taking a break so you can stretch your legs. 

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