Nearly 800 John Lewis Employees Losing Their Jobs!

Nearly 800 John Lewis Employees Losing Their Jobs!

Due to the high-street store outsourcing and shifting the roles to other parts of the country, around 700 John Lewis jobs is being made redundant.

The restaurant and home fitting sectors of the John Lewis brand are the area facing job losses. The store is moving 387 of their home fittings roles to their central hub in Manchester and also outsourcing their food preparation roles for their ‘The Place To Eat’ restaurants.

Over 700 John Lewis employees who are losing their jobs have entered redundancy consultations. However, they have been given an opportunity to apply for 386 new jobs that have been created in John Lewis.

The reason for the redundancies is because the store is looking to have the staff bonus’ much lower than last year, in such a challenging market.

John Lewis operations director, Dino Rocos said “Our Partners are passionate about offering the very best customer service and these proposals will allow us to modernise our business as it adapts to the changing needs of our customers and the role that shops play in their lives,”

“We understand that for some this will mean a period of change, and we are working with affected partners over the consultation period to give opportunities for redeployment in new roles wherever possible.

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