Need New Kids Activities? Why Not Try Bear Grylls’ The Great Indoors?

Looking for some fun ideas to keep your kids busy while they’re quarantined at home? Thanks to Bear Grylls and the Scouts, there’s loads of activities to choose from!

First Chief Ambassador of World Scouting, Bear Grylls, has set up ‘The Great Indoors’ to keep kids entertained while they’re stuck at home.

There are over 100 FREE activities which include crafting and games to help kids to channel their energy and keep their brains active.

All of the activities featured have an end goal to aim for such as; communication skills, valuing the outdoors, problem solving, independence, and more!

There are also ‘How To’ videos to accompany each activity too so your kids can watch how each task is executed.

The famous survivalist said: “Without a plan, a week stuck at home for a family can be as tough as a week in the mountains.”

“Whether you’re climbing Everest, or just trying to make it through to bedtime, a little planning and positive spirit will make all the difference.”

There really is a whole range of activities suited to all kinds of children, and they’re a great way to bond as a family too!

“Try them out, look after each other and, most of all, make this challenging time a safe and positive time” says Gryll’s.

Thanks to Bear Grylls and the Scouts for making indoor life an adventure too!

If you and your kids would like to try out some of the Scouts free activities CLICK HERE! 

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