Netflix Price Rise – How To Cut Costs And Other Hacks

Love binging on Netflix Original Series’? Prices of subscriptions are rising. Here’s how to cut costs and save on your fave shows

Netflix, one of the nation’s favourite subscription streaming services, has issued a hike in prices so we’ve compiled these hacks for you!

Split the bill

If you share a Netflix subscription with others in your household, split the cost halfway (two screens costs £8.99) and you’ll save £4.49.

An even better deal is the Premium plan in which you can share with four people, making it just £2.99 for each person (premium is £11.99).

Switch to Basic Plan

If your spare time revolves around Netflix (like ours does), you’ll know there are three levels of subscription (basic, standard and premium).

The more you pay for your subscription, the higher the quality is and the more TV shows you can download. But do you really need this?

If you’re the only one in your household using Netflix and you’re not fussy about quality, switch to Basic Plan and you’ll save yourself £72 a year.

Get a free trial for a month

If you sign up to Netflix as a new customer, you’ll be given 30 days free for whichever of the plans you choose.

All Netflix asks for is your debit/credit card details and the subscription is free (unless you don’t cancel after 30 days).

Alternatives to Netflix

Disney+ is soon to be launching in which the magical streaming service will cater for children and Disney fans alike.

The subscription is priced at just £4.99, making it perfect for those that love all things Disney (movies and TV shows).

BBC iPlayer is a great alternative for TV series and movies on BBC as well as ITV Hub and My5 (which are both free).

Download TV and movies in advance

Depending on your subscription, the more you pay, the higher the quality, the more data Netflix will eat up on your phone.

You don’t want to burn through your data, so download TV shows/movies in advance.

Image: Netflix
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