Network Rail Warning!

Network Rail Warning!

The whole of the UK is preparing for a heat wave this week as it’s been reported by the Met Office that temperatures are set to soar to the mid 30’s and therefore a Level 3 heatwave alert has been issued.

Apart from the obvious risk to people’s health, particularly older people and young children, there could also be other risk factors. 

Network Rail have now warned that the heat could interfere with Britain’s rail network.

ITV News reports: ‘Commuters are being told to check their journeys ahead of time for ristricted services, as the heat is predicted to get so fierce that it could buckle rails.

A statement on Network Rail reads: ‘As rails are made out of steel, they expand as they heat up and are subject to strong compression.This expansion has to be managed to reduce the risk of track buckling. If the track does buckle, the line must be closed and the track repaired before services can resume, causing considerable disruption.’

If you or someone you know is set to travel by rail over the next few days, then make sure you keep checking the service online before you go to the station! 

CLICK HERE to read about the heat wave sparking health warnings. 

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