New Chocolate Range With Random Flavours

In the news these past few days, I have seen a new chocolate range with random flavours.

Bacon flavoured chocolate anyone?

Some of these flavours are not something you would expect your chocolate to taste like… But I really want to try them all!

We have been discussing them in the office and we think they sounds fab!

Here are some of the flavours on offer…

  • Salted peanuts, popcorn and milk chocolate
  • Cookies & Creme
  • Milk chocolate, popping candy & marshmallows 
  • Texas BBQ
  • Peanut butter S’Mores in milk chocolate
  • Maple bacon pancake
  • Peanut butter, bacon, banana and milk chocolate
  • Ice cream float in milk chocolate

So would you try any of these flavours? I can’t wait to give them a go…

You can see all the flavours from Stateside Treat Emporium here…

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