New Facebook Scam…

New Facebook Scam…

I have been contacted by one of our followers who was very nearly scammed on Facebook this week…

Social media scams are getting more frequent with many people scammed every day.

I was contacted by one of our followers this week who asked some advice as she believed someone was trying to scam her. I took a look through the messages that had so far been exchanged and it was definitely a scam.

Be very cautious of anyone trying to message you or send you a friend request on Facebook who you don’t know.

The woman I spoke to has given me permission to share this with you but she want’s to remain anonymous – I will call her anon when I refer to her.


A woman called Mary contacted anon saying she had some important information regarding her Facebook account.

Mary claimed anon had won a share of five hundred thousand dollars. Anon asked how much that would be worth in english pounds and Mary responded with ‘It is a lot of money’.

Anon was questioning Mary about it being a scam but Mary was adamant that this prize was genuine.

However, Mary then told anon that you must keep this win to yourself and not tell anyone as she could be disqualified.

In the end, it turned out that to post the cheque to Anon, Anon would have to pay for this and it would cost anything from £150.

Many people fall for scams like these because the buzz of thinking they have won a high value prize takes over and they really want it to be true.

Please pass this on to all your family and friends to ensure they don’t fall for the same scam…

This is the profile of the lady who was trying to scam anon.

I have found a second profile by the same woman…

CLICK HERE to read about scam Facebook page – I bet you have a friend on at least one of these pages.

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