New government rules are issued for lunchbox inspections!

New government rules are issued for lunchbox inspections!

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about teachers taking the confiscation of unhealthy foods too far by confiscating cereal bars and dried fruit, however, it looks as if the rules on this are only getting tighter due to new government regulations.

Education minister Lord Nash has to The Daily Mail: ‘There is nothing to prevent schools from having a policy of inspecting lunch boxes for food items that are prohibited under their school food policies. A member of staff may confiscate, keep or destroy such items found as a result of the search if it is reasonable to do so.’

The debate has been ongoing ever since it emerged that teachers were confiscating scotch eggs and peperamis from children’s lunch boxes which caused outrage for parents. Now ministers have backed the move giving staff the freedom to ‘confiscate, keep or destroy.’

New rules mean that schools are now expected to carry out lunchbox inspections, although parents are still arguing that this is an unfair move considering pupils on school dinners are offered sugary desserts such as mousse, cake and custard or even pizza.

The revelation comes as NHS chiefs warn that obesity is the biggest threat to the nation’s health, however, I still feel like it is just as wrong throwing away perfectly edible foods and perhaps some teachers are struggling to find the line between healthy and unhealthy snacks.

Governing bodies can decide whether to ‘ban certain products to promote healthy eating’.

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