New M&S ‘members club’ loyalty scheme

New M&S ‘members club’ loyalty scheme

Are you an avid M&S shopper? Well if so then I have some news that you might be interested in.

Marks and Spencer is to reward It’s shoppers based on how often they visit to buy food and clothing in their new scheme.

The move is aimed to encourage customers to shop there in a bid to outdo its competitors.

Benefits can be gained through the mobile app and will include tailor-made discounts and priority access to new ranges.

SKY News reported: ‘Members would be able to earn ‘Sparks’ through their purchases and by completing product reviews, M&S said.

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, the company’s executive director, said: “It’s a two-way relationship; members tell us what they enjoy, select their own tailored offers and are rewarded for sharing their views.”

The new scheme is ready to launch later this month.

CLICK HERE to shop online at Marks & Spencer.

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