New Mums Offered Cash Incentives To Breastfeed!

New Mums Offered Cash Incentives To Breastfeed!

Would you be persuaded to breastfeed if there were cash incentives? Well 130 new mums will be doing just that in return for shopping vouchers.

The aim of this scheme is to in turn improve health rates in deprived areas of York, although there have been mixed opinions on the scheme.

A doctor from the University of Sheffield has said: ‘We think there are benefits to babies, mums and to society for breastfeeding. We are exploring one particular way that might improve breastfeeding rates.

To qualify for the £120 worth of shopping vouchers, Mothers will have to breastfeed their babies for 6 months. Mothers will lose out on the scheme if they find that breastfeeding is too painful for them.

Of course there have been some critics who have disagreed with the scheme saying that they have no way in knowing for definite if the mothers are using real breast milk and others are accusing the scheme of being another symptom of ‘nanny state’.

The UK has the lowest rate of breastfeeding in Europe and it is hoped that through the scheme, more mothers will take up breastfeeding.

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CLICK HERE to read more about the scheme.

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