Oreo Have Released 3 New Flavours & They’re Super Quirky!

We all know how super addictive classic Oreo’s can be, and so we’re always excited to hear that there are new flavours on the block to try, and right now there’s THREE new releases to tantalise our tastebuds.

The famous biscuits will be reinvented with the exciting *and slightly weird* tastes of cherry cola, pina colada, and kettle corn!

The special new flavours were voted for by fans as part of a competition by the brand called #MyOreoCreation.

The quirky Oreo’s  have been expertly designed with fun ingredients to make them taste just as good as the foods and drinks they are inspired by.

Image: Oreo/ Metro

The cherry cola flavour includes popping candy to give it the fizzy taste you get in the drink, the kettle corn flavour has added puffed millet pieces, and the pina colada Oreo’s have a delicious pineapple and coconut creme filling to remind us of the tastes of our holidays.

You may think the new flavours sound a bit…well, strange, but there were also tests made for avocado, coffee, and doughnut flavour ones too.

Those who suggested the creations were sent the cookies to sample.

Image: Oreo/ Metro

Oreo chose the top three flavours based on their ‘taste appeal, creativity, and originality.’

Image: Oreo/ Metro

You can vote for your favourite out of the three, and the winner will receive $500,000 for their creation.

If you fancy trying the…interesting new flavours, hopefully you’ll be able to buy them from your local supermarkets soon. They are limited edition though, so if you spot them, you’d best buy them quick if you wanna give them a whirl!

Images: Oreo/ Metro
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