New Tax Year Has Arrived! 5 Things More Expensive From Today.

New Tax Year Has Arrived! 5 Things More Expensive From Today.

It’s April 1st today which means one thing ….. the new tax year has arrived! And when the new tax year arrives, it usually means that things become more expensive. This year is no exception. I highlighted some of the big changes we can expect to benefits and taxes yesterday which you can read here. 

Here are some other little changes to prices we can expect to see creeping up.

Council Tax

The biggest rise in council tax for 7 years is about to hit us. Our bills could rise up to 4% from today.

Phone Bills

Are you a Three, O2 or EE customer? If so then you could soon be seeing a rise in your monthly payment plan. O2 customers will see their bills increase by 1.3%. EE customers will see their bills rise by 1.3%. Three customers will also see a rise of 1.3%.


Prescription costs will go up from £8.20 to £8.40 from today.

Water Bills

Water bills are set to increase by £2, making the bill for the average household £389.

Air Passenger Duty

Are you going on any long haul flight this summer? If so then you can expect to see the cost of air passenger duty increase from £71 to £73. Don’t think you’ve escaped the hike by travelling in first class either! You will pay £4 more at £146.

CLICK HERE to find out the changes to taxes and benefits.

CLICK HERE to find out what other prices could be increasing.

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