New telephone scam costing you £300

New telephone scam costing you £300 uncovered my Money Mail

If you own a mobile phone you NEED to read this

The majority of affected customers seem to be Vodafone customers however Ofcom say a number of other network providers have been hit with the same problem.

Victims have told how after receiving a second-long call from an 0845 or 0843 number, which they did not answer, suddenly left their phone bill £300 higher.

The calls are showing up on the victims phones as missed calls, however some customers have been charged for 12 hour phone calls!

Many victims have not noticing they have been scammed until they receive their phone bills, while others have received texts saying their phone is blocked due to unusual high usage.

Many customers have said they did not call the numbers back so they have no idea how they were charged. Others say when they called back they just got the answerphone of a claims management firms for flight delay compensation.

The victims have contacted Vodafone who have been unsympathetic and and will not waive the charge. Vodafone believe this is not their fault – true, however should they not be helping out customers out to reduce or cancel the charge?

I suggest everyone checks their mobile phone bill to ensure that you haven’t been scammed.

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