Newcastle Hair And Beauty
Newcastle Hair And Beauty

Are you looking for somewhere in Newcastle upon Tyne for the best beauty treatments all at fantastic prices?

Then you need to pay a visit to Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic! They have been voted the fifth BEST salon in the country and voted the No.1 salon in Newcastle upon Tyne!

Visit their website here…

Visit their Facebook page here…

Where can I find it?

It can be found right in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, on Northumberland Street. It is a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ door way though.

The entrance can be found next door to Superdrug and the beauty salon is situated over three floors above Superdug.

The first floor of Newcastle Hair and Beauty is a lovely little reception area and a hair salon where you are greeted by the friendliest therapists. I promise you will leave feeling like you have made a new friend.

What is so special about Newcastle Hair & Beauty?

It is the 4th best beauty salon in the UK based on customer comments and feedback

The second floor is where all the magic happens! There is a lovely little nail bar area, separate treatment rooms where you can enjoy a wide variety of treatments including…

  • Eyelash extensions
  • Brow tint or HD Brows
  • Massage
  • Nail treatments including extensions and gel nails
  • Facials
  • HydraFacial – A celeb favourite
  • Plus many many more top of the range treatments as well as your more traditional favourites 

The 3rd floor is a larger treatment area that is perfect for pamper parties or group pampering. This could be the perfect start to a hen party in Newcastle? Or maybe a venue for a baby shower with some little treatments for your guests?

Newcastle Hair and Beauty is my favourite place to go for beauty treatments and I have had so many treatments here so I can vouch for the quality of the treatments.

The beauticians are fantastic too, they know how to deliver the latest treatments at high standards. They are professional while still allowing their fun personalities to shine through and you are always guaranteed a giggle and a good natter when you visit.

Do they have any special offers?

If it’s your first visit then you can get £5 off your treatment. T&C’s apply, click here for more information and to get your voucher.

There is also the Autumn special which is great value for money…

Choose any 3 of the following treatments for only £50 – That is a saving of nearly £50 too!

  • Back Massage
  • Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial
  • Express Decleor Facial
  • Relaxing Eye Treatment
  • Eyebrow Wax & Tint
  • Eyelash Tint
  • Half Leg Wax
  • Bikini Wax
  • File & Polish
  • Spray Tan

This is the perfect offer to get you set for the colder months!



An EXCLUSIVE offer for Ashleigh Money saver followers

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift this year? Maybe you want to treat yourself? Or maybe you are simply looking for a new skincare regime? Well Newcastle Hair and Beauty have us covered!

They are one of the few stockists of Decleor in Newcastle and they have offered us an exclusive discount on Decleor products for a limited time only.

Decleor products are amazing and they have different products for different skin types. Whether you have oily skin like me, sensitive skin or dehydrated skin then you will find s great product or gift set for you or someone you love.

The offer Newcastle Hair and Beauty have put in place for us is as follows; Buy one Decleor product and get 10% off, buy 2 Decleor products and get 20% off, buy 3 Decleor products and get 30% off!

There are some fabulous products such as face creams, oils, lip balm (which is absolutely unreal!) and gift sets which are great value.

This offer is limited and starts Sunday 20th November – Saturday 26th November.

To get your hands on this exclusive discount just mention me when you head in to the salon.

My own experiance

These past couple of month have been very difficult for me and I have lost a few close relatives, I have been under so much stress because of this and I had the WORST spot break out you have ever seen. I made it worse by trowling make up on to try and hide my bad skin.

My doctor put me on a three month course of antibiotics but told me not to expect to see results fast. I had been on them a few days when I found out I would be doing a TV show in a few days time – I needed a quick fix!

I spoke to Newcastle hair and beauty clinic for some advice and they recommended a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion. I decided it would be worth a shot so off I went.

The treatment did feel a little sensitive on my problem areas but afterwards it felt much better and my skin looked and felt smoother just a little red.

About 4-5 hours later my husband commented on my skin and said how the redness had gone out of most of my acne and it didn’t look as angry.

The following morning my skin looked completely transformed! I had very little redness and my acne was barely there, the relief was overwhelming. It had also reduced my pore sizes (which I have a major problem with on my nose, cheeks and chin) and my skin looked glowing.

I totally think we should be able to get them on prescription rather than antibiotics!


This was my skin the day after a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion – No filter either!


The salon has just introduced a new facial called ‘HydraFacial’. This is a medical grade facial and completely transforms your skin.

Wow! It was amazing! It was painless and you could feel the treatment working while it was being done.

I have gone from having no hope for my awful skin, to having fresh, radiant, smooth skin within an hour!

I honestly can’t recommend this treatment enough, you must give it a try. 

The first HydraFacial they carried out got amazing, instant results as you can see below…

newcThis HydraFacial is one that was done at Newcastle Hair and Beauty the week before I got mine done. Look at the difference!

face This is my result. I have no make up on on either photo apart from mascara. The HydraFacial helped get rid of my oily T-Zone, smoothed out my skin as well as getting rid of spots, open pores and scars I had from a lifetime of acne.

Visit Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic Facebook page for all offers, updates and appointments.

What beauty treatments have you tried and would recommend at Newcastle Hair & Beauty?

Like I said earlier, I have had a few of these treatments so I have posted some photos below to show you what treatments I have had…

Shellac Nails

nails1 My latest treatment, Shellac nails absolutely love these 🙂 <3

nails3 These nails don’t chip, fade, lose shine etc. They grow out with your nails. I usually go and get them removed and fresh nails done every 6 weeks.

katie Even my daughter, Katie, is getting in on the action! Katie is such a girly girl and is becoming interested in having her nails painted. I decided to take her along with my to Newcastle Hair and Beauty and we got our nails done together. Katie got multi coloured glittery nails and she loves them 🙂

HD Brows

HD Brows. I am a huge fan of both of these. HD Brows are perfect for everyone. They start with a consultation to see what shade would suit you best, discuss the shape you are like and what would suit your face shape the best… Before I started getting HD Brows, I had over plucked pale brows and they looked awful but now I can just get up and go or if I’m going on a big night out I can use a HD palette to fill them out a bit more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 14.45.28 Before I got HD Brows.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 14.46.09 After! Much more colour and a better shape

ash1  My HD Brows. Not filled in and looking natural… Thanks for the photo bomb Aaron!


ash2 My HD Brows filled in, perfect for a night out. I decided to let the hubby in this photo 🙂

Gel Nails

Gel nails can last around 2 weeks but I have got much longer out of mine. They make your nails stronger, very shiny nail polishes, don’t chip and don’t fade.


nails2 Gel nails. Long lasting and great colours…

nail1 I love the shine on Gel nails, they always look good… Even if they have been on for 3 weeks!

Newcastle hair and beauty clinic I had these gel nails done 2 weeks and 4 days ago. They are now starting to grow out but they haven’t peeled, chipped or faded. The quality of the treatments here are fantastic.

Decleor Facial

face beforeI had a Decleor Facial. This was amazing! It felt and smelt so good and I seen a massive difference in my face straight away. It looked and felt so much cleaner and brighter.face after

More Gel Nails

nails1 I LOVE white nails! If you have ever seen my videos on Facebook, you will have seen me with white nails. In this photo I have Shellac nails with Swarovski crystals.


Eye lash extensions

hd brows HD Brows and eye lash extensions! I love love love these! Your face instantly looks better with good eyebrows and visibly long lashes.

eyelashes Nouveau eyelash extensions. These were fabulous when I had them done. They don’t weigh your eyelashes down like other brands do, infact, I would often forget I had them on but it saved me doing my make up in the mornings.

More Eyelash extensions

LVLlvl1 LVL Lashes are a must! This was my latest treatment and they look fab! They are your own lashes but made to look extreme and boy does it work! I got mine done for my holiday because I have such pale eyelashes and I wanted them to look great while I was in the pool or if I fancied a make up free day. These are my lashes totally bare – no mascara!


after I was VERY pale and bare faced before I started having treatments so now I couldn’t live with out them!


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