Next Sale Dates

Next sale dates

Perfect information if you are one of the many that like to queue for the bargains.

We love to hear from our insiders about any upcoming deals, sales, glitches etc and we ALWAYS promise to keep them 100% anonymous.

Last year, in the run-up to Christmas, we had one insider that sent us spot on information every week for around 10 weeks so we decided to reward her for her hard work for us and sent her an Amazon gift card and a HUGE bouquet of flowers.

So, if you would like to be an insider with us then please feel free to inbox us or e-mail at any time at [email protected]

I am often messaged to ask if I know when the Next sale will be on. Everyone seems to love the Next sale as the quality of their clothing is fab and you can pick up some great bargains. 

The Next sale date is Saturday 15th July 2017.

Click here to book your slot…

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