Next Mid Season Sale
Next VIP sale

A little bird has just told me that the Next mid season sale begins Saturday 21st March 2015.

Now I don’t know exactly when the VIP slots will become available, but they generally happen a couple of days before, so if you usually get a slot, expect to get an email in the next couple of weeks.

I don’t know the exact science behind who gets a VIP slot, but here are a couple suggestions some of my followers have put forward…

1. Shop on your directory card – if you’re in store don’t pay with cash. Use your directory card instead and pay the balance straight away. This also has the added benefit of not paying for your items until you know you definitely want to keep it.

2. Get a directory delivered – if you don’t already receive, make sure you are signed up to have the Next directory delivered to your door. I never used to get one and as soon as I signed up I got my VIP slot.

  • To find out if you have a VIP slot simply log into your account and you will be taken to the VIP section. This will only happen once VIP slots are live.


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