NHS is to offer mums-to-be £3k to spend.

NHS is to offer mums-to-be £3k to spend.

Expectant Mum’s will soon be given £3,000 worth of NHS cash to manage their own maternity care in a bid to reduce risk during child birth.

This is a very big step but the scheme is already being trialled in four areas with plans to roll it out nationwide in 2018.

It is hoped that this will lead to women choosing private care over un-popular maternity wards which seem to be failing women.

According to research conducted by the Care Quality Commission, women are failed by half of the current maternity wards. 7% of NHS maternity services are inadequate and 41% are in need of improvement.

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Baroness Julia Cumberlege, head of a National Maternity Review to improve poor care, said the budgets would be a sure way to ensure a safer service.

She added: “For the first time ever, women will get a personal maternity budget. That will strengthen a woman’s decisions. People will have to respect what they are saying.”

However, although what she is saying makes sense, the Public Service Union disagrees.

They said:“Personal budgets are a step too far. The NHS budget has been cut. It makes no sense to bring in yet more privatisation.”

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