Nuby: ‘This Mum Is…’

All mothers know that the transition from working a full-time job to being thrown into the deep end in parenthood can be a very difficult life adjustment, both physically and emotionally. The level of highs and lows a new mother can experience is called ‘baby blues’ (or scientifically, postnatal depression) and can last for weeks or months upon end.

New mothers find that they begin juggling all these new little things they’ve never had to do before, placing all these new tasks on their shoulders until they begin weighing them down.

New mums, including some of the mums here at Ashleigh, have said that they stopped giving themselves that quality time they once used to, in order to dedicate themselves to their babies, which set them off on an isolating journey.

Nuby, the company we all know as the go-to for all our baby product needs, has launched an impressive campaign ‘This Mum Is..‘ to change the perception new mothers hold in order to raise social awareness of this issue, empowering new mothers to open up about how they’re feeling.

We’re in love with this campaign here at Ashleigh as many of us have had children and we know how emotionally difficult it can be after giving birth.

We know firsthand how mentally draining it can be to bottle these emotions in, which is why we’re partnering with Nuby to bring like-minded women together to form an everlasting movement to create a space mothers can turn to when they’re feeling at an all-time low.

So for all those new mums that are struggling with loneliness, for those that have lost their confidence and don’t know where to turn, we’d like you to know that you aren’t alone. Let’s get the conversation started and remind one another that there’s a safe space we can all turn to with this brilliant new campaign!

To make Mothers Day a little more special this year, we’ll be working alongside Nuby to give the gift of happiness to all those mums-to-be with the chance to win a Nuby Essential Baby Bundle, which features sterilisers, blankets, booster seats and LOTS more!

P.s ALL competition entrants will receive 25% OFF all full-price Nuby products (even if you aren’t a winner!)

To have the chance to win this bundle worth £500, follow the link here. Good luck mummies, we’re rooting for you all!

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  1. Amazing article I’ve beem suffering with a few of these symptoms so it makes me feel better that it’s quite a common reaction to going from a normal working life to mammy life. It can make you feel incredible guilty to be feeling so low so you deny it even more and it makes you feel even more isolated.

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