Odeon Are Giving You 40% Off Cinema Tickets

If you are a big cinema lover and want to see the latest big film, or want to amuse the kids over the half term holidays, you might want to take advantage of this great offer from Odeon.

Right now, the popular cinema venue is giving customers the chance to save 40% on cinema tickets!

The offer is sure to be popular with parents who are looking to buy multiple tickets, as a cinema trip these days can become rather costly by the time you buy multiple tickets, plus sweets on top.

The popular cinema brand is treating its customers to slashed price tickets for being regular visitors, though you can enjoy the deal if you go and watch a film before the 10th of March, where you’ll receive a 40% off voucher to use on your next visit.

The vouchers are valid to be used up until the 15th of March.

40% is a huge saving, and you can use  the voucher on child, teen, family, and senior tickets, so whatever age you are, or whoever you’re with, you can all enjoy the fantastic deal!

You unfortunately won’t be able to use the voucher for online bookings, or via the app, so you will need to buy them in person. And, if you’re looking to see Black Panther, bad news but you won’t be able to use the discount on that either between now and the 23rd of February.

It can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer either, but can be used for 3D films, IMAX and ISENSE films too!

So if you fancy going to see a couple of the great new releases in cinema’s now, you will save a great amount with this offer!

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