Odeon Limitless

I love the new offer from Odeon called ‘Limitless’

Although it may seem a bit pricey, I think it could save some people money

My husband loves to go to the cinema, he is there about 2/3 times a month with his brother – I usually just go with the kids because I’m not a huge film fan, I much prefer box sets such as The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Backlist etc.

It isn’t cheap to get into the cinema, at the Odeon you would expect to pay £7 per adult to see the latest movie.

However, this is where Limitless comes in. 

Limitless will cost £17.99 a month, if you want access to London cinemas too it will cost you £19.99

Once you have bought Limitless you can then see as many movies as you like, as often as you like within a one month period!

Going to the cinema just 3 times in a month and you will have already saved yourself £4.

There are some important T&C’s that come attached to Limitless that are worth knowing…

  • You must be 16 or older to join Limitless
  • A photo will be required for your pass
  • Your membership starts straight away – you will be emailed a temporary card when you purchase
  • Minimum 12 month pass
  • You can pay an upgrade fee to view 3D and other type of screens

For more information on Odeon Limitless – click here.

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