Off On A Camping Trip? Save £198 On This Tent!
tent image

Millet’s are holding a huge summer sale so get on your hiking boots and grab a wonderful deal on some outdoor gear!

To get this 20% off you need to use the promotional code “Sizzler” at the checkout, which will add great savings to all sale items.

The highlight of this sale is the Eurohike Rydal 500 5 person tent.

This tent is perfect for a big camping trip!

With five darkened bedrooms, a large spacious living room, and a sewn in groundsheet, this tent is ideal for bringing some home comforts to camping.


By combining the “sizzler” promotional code with the sale, this tent goes from a retail price of £330 to an amazing £132, saving nearly £200!

There are plenty of great outdoor items in the Millets sale, such as tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking boots, trousers, and plenty of branded jackets and coats.

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