Off To Watch A Movie? Get A Ticket And 2 Packets Of Sweets For £2.50

Sometimes, cinema trips can burn a hole through your pocket, but here’s a deal to save you from burning out

Heard of Sweet Sundays? Well, it’s back! You can get a free cinema ticket on a Sunday when you buy promotional packs of sweets.

The sweeties as part of the offer are as below:

  • Starburst Original
  • Starburst Mini
  • Milky Way Magic Stars
  • Revels
  • Skittles Fruits
  • Skittles Sours
  • Skittles Chewies
  • Galaxy Minstrels
  • Galaxy Counters
  • Maltesers
  • Maltesers Buttons
  • M&M’s Crispy
  • M&M’s Choco
  • M&M’s Peanut
  • M&M’s Mix

The sweet packs in question have stars (either two or five), and when you have collected 10 stars, you can exchange them for a free ticket. Easy peasy!

When you’ve collected enough sweet packets, just enter the codes onto the Sweet Sundays website and you’ll have your free ticket emailed to you.

This promotional offer is only valid in selected cinemas. The big cinema chains are: Cineworld, Showcase and Empire.

Smaller cinemas include: Merlin cinemas, Picture House, IMAX Playhouse, Reel, WTW, The Grosvenor and Savoy Cinemas.

The promotional offer ends 25th August, which means here at Ashleigh, we can go to watch Aladdin, Toy Story 4 and Lion King remake for cheap. Yay!

So if you’re off to watch a movie soon, make use of this offer. You’ll be sure to save cash whilst tucking into some sweet treats, too!

Image: Cineworld
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