Ofsted urging parents to snap up free nursery places!

Ofsted urging parents to snap up free nursery places!

Ofsted are urging parents of disadvantaged two-year-olds to take up places at nurseries for free as they say around 50% of families who are entitled to it either aren’t aware of the government scheme, or aren’t making use of it.

15 free hours of childcare are offered to children in care, with disabilities or special educational need sand from families on benefits.

Ofsted Chief Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has told the BBC: “We know that children from poor families don’t do as well as those from better-off backgrounds. There’s a 19-month [achievement] gap by the time they start school in reception. That 19-month gap has to be made up in the early years.’


This issue triggers a lot of mixed emotions amongst parents of young children, especially for those who are working on low incomes as they may not think it’s fair that parents who stay at home with their children are entitled to the free childcare. Others are arguing that two is too young to place be placing children in an educational setting. 

With the government now set to double the free pre-school education for 3 and 4-year-olds from 15 hours to 30 hours a week from next year, there are obviously some big concerns about finding the places in over-subscribed nurseries.

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