Your Old Furby’s Could Be Worth A Fortune Today

Are you a former collector of the retro nineties favourite Furby? If you still have the toy lying about in the house somewhere, you might be intrigued to hear that some types are fetching a small fortune online!

If you were a kid of the 90’s, you probably owned the highly popular Furby toys, or knew the struggle of trying to get hold of one before they sold out. Though you may have moved on from the fluffy little creature, some people still love them and will pay big bucks for the vintage collectible ones.

The toy’s were super popular back in the day because of their revolutionary and intelligent robotic skills, which allowed them to move, talk, learn words, and communicate with each other.

Since the 90s there have been two revivals of the grossing toy which were similarly highly popular, but it’s the original version that is selling for a high price online.

Image: Ebay

This Furby is a 1999 unopened original, and although the box isn’t in great condition, it is listed on Ebay at just under £300!

This special tiger edition is listed for almost £200 plus £34 postage.

This Furby is in fantastic condition which is great for collectors.

This limited edition wizard Furby is set to earn its owner a small fortune.

The vintage Furby’s that we have found for sale on Ebay are those from the late 90’s and come with boxes, though some that have been opened and used are still selling for hundreds!

If you have a rare/ special Furby, we think you could also get top dollar for those without a box too.

So, if you do have an original Furby that you don’t use anymore, it might be worth your while to look up its year and if it’s a special edition, and you never know, you might just end up a couple of hundred pounds richer!


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