How old is TOO old to become a Mum?

How old is TOO old to become a Mum?

The story of a 55-year-old Grandmother who has just given birth to triplets has been a hot topic of debate on social media this week.

55-year-old Sharon Cutts and boyfriend Stuart Reynolds, 40, welcomed two sons Mason and Ryan and daughter Lily after undergoing IVF treatment.

The treatment cost them £15,00o in loans and as the NHS will only perform IVF up to the age of 42, they were forced to travel all the way to Cyprus for the treatment.

However, the couple have come under fire by lots of parents saying that 55 is TOO old to be a mother. Sharon already has four grown-up children from her previous relationship, but isn’t phased by her grandchildren being older than her babies.

The Evening Standard reported: ‘The pregnancy was fraught with problems and doctors advised one of the babies should be aborted due to the dangers of pregnancy at that age.

Ms Cutts refused and the triplets were born by Caesarean section, after an 11-week stay in Nottingham University Hospital. They each weighed between 4lbs and 5lbs.’

It is well-known fact that that older women are more prone to complications during pregnancy but should that matter? Over 35’s are considered to be of ‘advanced maternal age’.

So opinions are divided on this one, should we accept for the sake of the babies if nothing else that by 40 our time is up? Or are we really only as old as we feel.

I personally take my hat off to Sharon, going through the stress of IVF and then giving birth to three healthy babies, however I’d love to know your thoughts on this one guys as I can see it from both points of view, join my poll below and let me see what you think.

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