OMG! ASDA Pizzas Are Now Doing Delivery!

ASDA are entering the ultra competitive world of food delivery with this amazing offer!

When scrolling through Just Eat wondering what will be delivered before Love Island starts, I never expect to see a supermarket listed.

ASDA have changed the game. They have announced a new pizza and groceries delivery partnership with Just Eat.

You can get a 16 inch pizza for just £6, in Margherita, American Sizzler, Pepperoni, and Vegetable Supreme. 


ASDA representative Roger Burnley said that: “Our partnership with Just Eat that launched last year to deliver pizza direct to customers was a huge success, so much so that we’re rolling it out to up to 50 stores by the end of the year.

“This project demonstrated how partnering with complimentary brands can enhance our offer to customers, as a result I am delighted to confirm that we’re extending our work with Just Eat to trial an express grocery delivery service from two stores.

“This will focus on delivering product to customers from around 100 essential lines within 30 minutes.”

I’ll definitely be testing the Just Eat/ ASDA collaboration, that American Sizzler is calling my name. Will you be trying this out, or sticking with your local favourites?

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