OMG You Can Now Buy A Chili Con Carne Pizza

Love Mexican food and are just as obsessed with pizza? You’re gonna love this new release from Lidl!

We’re usually used to enjoying our Chili con Carne with rice on a weekend, but thanks to bargain supermarket Lidl, we’ll now be able to enjoy it on top of one of our other weekend faves, pizza!

The spicy stew which contains mince and kidney beans is served on top of a classic Italian pizza dough for an interesting Saturday night tea.

What’s even better is that it costs just £1.19!

Image: Lidl

Think it sounds weird? We thought so too, but then we thought about how much we love a bolognese pizza and expect a similar taste with this one.

Though we’re really not sure about the kidney beans…

If you fancy giving the new pizza a go, you’ll have to be quick! It’s a Lidl best buy so won’t be around for long!

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