OMG! You Can Now Get A Yorkshire Pudding Pizza At Morrisons!

Love Yorkshire Puddings with a passion and are a pizza addict too? You’re going to love Morrisons yummy new release!

You’ll have probably heard about the huge craze over the past few months for Yorkshire pudding based foods including Yorkshire pudding Sunday dinner wraps, and now, Morrisons have created their own take on the trend which is sure to be a big hit with fans.

The supermarket have created a pizza, Yorkshire hybrid. Think 6 inch Yorkshire pudding, filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and then a choice of two toppings which include pizza classic, pepperoni or meat feast, which is made up of pepperoni, spicy beef, meatballs and jalapeno’s.

Image: Morrisons/ The Sun

You will be able to find the interesting concoction in Morrisons stores from the 3rd of February!

What’s even better is that its a reasonable £3 too!

Will you be trying this quirky new food?

Images: Morrisons/ The Sun
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