OMG! Coca-Cola Are Making These Changes & You Might Not Like them…

Love a refreshing drink of Coca-Cola as a little pick me up at work or have it as your go to drink for, well whenever? Well you might consider cutting down on your intake once you hear that Coca-Cola are going to be increasing their prices at up to 10% while decreasing their bottle sizes at the same time!

As of March, you can expect to see one of the nations favourite fizzy drinks brands, Coca-Cola’s prices rocket due to the new sugar tax being brought in by the Government in an attempt to combat childhood obesity, and to improve the overall health of Britain.

Fizzy drinks manufacturers have been warned of having to pay a tax charge of 18p on drinks that contain more than 5g of sugar per 100ml, and 24p on drinks that have more than 8g of sugar. Coca-Cola classic is said to contain 10.6g of sugar per 100ml, meaning the brand would have to foot the higher bill.

Some brands, including Fanta, Sprite and Irn Bru, have opted to change their recipes before the tax comes in, by adding more artificial sweeteners to lower their sugar content and avoid the charges.

Alternatively, Coca-Cola have said that they don’t want to change their secret recipe that their customers know and love so much, and instead have attempted to beat the sugar tax by reducing the size of their bottles, whilst rising their prices at the same time. Meaning that unfortunately you will be paying even more for less of the drink that you love.

According to The Guardian, when you look at the shelves in your local shop, you can expect to see your 1.75ltr bottle of Coke condense in to a 1.5ltr one and rise in price by 20p, while your smaller 500ml bottles are set to rise in price from £1.09 to £1.25!

Like to pop down to your local newsagents or corner shop to grab a bottle when you fancy a treat or feel a bit rubbish? Well prices of some “price marked packs” of Coke will rise by a staggering 10% in price by March just before the tax comes in.

So, although you will unfortunately have to pay more for an even smaller bottle of Coke, at least you can be assured that you can still enjoy the same great flavour that Coca-Cola are famous for, ay!?

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