OMG! Gin Easter Eggs Have Hit The Shelves!

If you’re a bit of a gin addict, and love trying all the new exciting flavours and products on the market, you’ll definitely want the Easter bunny to bring you one of these new Gin Easter egg sets this year!

You can expect to get an extra chocolate bar, or some smarties with your classic chocolate Easter egg, but now, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite tipple with it instead!

The eggs, which are made by the brand Edinburgh Gin Distillery will make a perfectly grown up evening treat.

Image: John Lewis

There are two gorgeously packaged sets to choose from, one being Elderflower liqueur, and the other, trendy Rhubarb and Ginger.

The eggs can be found at John Lewis for £12.50.

They’re sure to make a fabulous Easter gift for any gin lover!


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