OMG! Orange Daim Bars Are A Thing & Here’s Where To Buy Them…

Love orange flavoured chocolate and Daim bars in equal measure? You’ll be excited to know that Orange Daim bars are a thing and have already hit the shelves. They look amazing too!

The limited edition bars come in bright orange packaging rather than their usual red, and feature that classic, crunchy caramel middle, dipped in orange flavoured milk chocolate.

Sounds yummy right?

You can find the delicious Swedish bars in bargain highstreet stores B&M and Poundland in packs of 3 for a super affordable £1!

People online seem to be loving the alternative new flavour too…

We don’t know when the sweet snacks will be sticking around ’til, but they are limited edition, so if you want to give them a try, you’d best get shopping!

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