OMG!! This Nifty Little Invention Is A Total Game Changer For Beauty Lovers!

Ever been in that annoying situation where you’ve just had a full face of makeup done then need to take a shower? Well this clever gadget is solving all our beauty woes!

The ShowrShield is a fully waterproof faceguard that protects your perfect lashes and flawless makeup whilst showering, and at only £12 it’s an absolute bargain!

This amazing product saves your look and ensures that there’s no need to re-apply makeup or replace expensive eyelash extensions that would otherwise be damaged by soap or water.

From the reviews, people seem to be loving the product and are using it for more than just saving their face!

The ShowrShield is also helping autistic children with hypersensitivity to water, with one reviewer stating:

“…I bought this for son when he takes showers. He hates getting water on his face(he is autistic). I had him put it on and he actually went all the way under the water to wash his hair. He told me that he loved the ShowrShield because it kept all of the water off of his face. Thank you so much for this amazing shield…”

Users are also using the ShowrShield to prevent water and soap getting into new stitches, helping elderly relatives shower without the risk of falling due to shampoo in the eyes, and of course protecting their eyebrows after microblading.

One reviewer said that the ShowrShield “…Does the job and keeps my lash extensions from getting wet… glad someone came up with something for us lash girls.”

I don’t know about you, but i’ll be adding this to my basket asap!

Grab a ShowrShield here and shower fear free!

Give us your reviews of this fab product in the comments!

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