Do you have one of the ‘fake’ 2p coins

Do you have one of the ‘fake’ 2p coins


It could be worth £2000!

Two poppy collectors were selling poppies in Wiltshire when the ‘fake’ coin was dropped into their collection tin.

discovered the unusual silver coin among the normal coppers and pounds, they handed it in to the bank to be destroyed, believing it to be a fake.

However the Royal Mint have confirmed that it was not a fake coin, it was actually the result of a ‘minting error’ when a blank 10p was accidentally put in a 2p mint.

Do you have one of the 'fake' 2p coins

Back in 2014 a silver 2p produced in 1988 was sold for more than £1,350 and experts say this one could be worth around £2,000.

Branch chairman Richard Tilney said: “The Legion has a corporate partner who sells old medals and coins, and they are going to take it off our hands for a handsome price. The Poppy Appeal is very dear to our hearts and it would be fantastic to get the money to the right place.”

It may be worth your while checking all of your change to see if you have anything of value!

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