The One Hit Wonders That Time Forgot!

The One Hit Wonders That Time Forgot!

Let’s be honest, the 90’s were a great time for music and were literally the Golden age for one hit wonders! I have to admit my playlist is just filled with all the old school classics, featuring everything from The Backstreet Boys to the Crazy Frog! So I’ve decided to take you all on a walk through my childhood/ teenage years and share with you some of my favourite, and probably most cringey one hit wonders that time might of forgot …. but I certainly haven’t! Please please please let me know if any of these old classics are ringing any bells for you guys!!

1. Eagle Eye Cherry – Stay Tonight

Who can remember this little gem? One of my personal favourites I used to love this song!The coolest thing about Eagle-Eye Cherry might be that he doesn’t use a stage name, his real name is legitimately “Eagle-Eye Cherry”! That one really did blow my mind. Unfortunately, I don’t think he had much success in the way of music after this song. But who cares when you’ve produced a hit like Stay Tonight.



2. Adam Rickitt – Breathe Again

Now this really is what I would call a one hit wonder! Soapstar turned (brief) Popstar Adam Rickett is still sitting steady on my iPod! Not going to lie to you, I do still find the video to this one slightly disturbing but I wasn’t complaining when he appeared on ITV’s Big Reunion show last year! 


3. Billie Piper – Because We Want To

Billie Piper was my absolute style icon back in the day! Although she did have a few big songs back in the 90’s, her music career wasn’t that long lasting. This list just wouldn’t be complete without her, so here’s my personal favourite Billie track!


4. Samantha Mumba – Gotta Tell You

Who can remember Samantha Mumba? She seems to of fallen of the face of the earth now, but back in the day when she was under the management of Louis Walsh, she was every teenage girls best friend! Her catchy tune below was a real winner for me, personally I’d love to see her making a comeback. What a curveball that would be!


5. Len – Steal My Sunshine

It’s no wonder that this tune sold about 16 thousand copies a week at its peak. Their album sold over two million copies in the US off the back this very catchy song! I’m pretty sure they were dropped from their label shortly after but at least we are left with Lens’ Legacy! 


6. D- side – Invisible 

I’d be very impressed and slightly shocked if any of you can remember these guys! They weren’t exactly a household name but one thing they were were lyrical genius’s! I became slightly obsessed and skipped school to meet them in the Metro Centre back in the day! Dedicated fan or what? 


7. Blazin Squad – Crossroads

 Another blast from my past! This was definitely the big summer anthem of 2002 I remember like it was yesterday! Kenzie was my favourite and the only one whos name I could ever remember!

8. O- Town – All Or Nothing At All

I don’t think anybody will be particularly surprised to find this song amongst the pile. I still know all of the words! (Probably because I still listen to it on repeat every now and again).


9. Skatman – I’m A Skatman

This one needs no explanation! Standard 90’s party anthem! You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t one of your guilty pleasures too!


10. Cleopatra – Comin At Ya 

And last but by no means least! Cleopatra! Can anybody remember these guys? They were a band of three sisters with really catchy lyrics. They had brief success thanks to Madonna, who signed them to her record label, but I haven’t heard much from them since! Can anybody tell me where they are now or what happened to them? I think they should come back onto the scene!


I hope this list has brought back some good memories like it has for me!

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